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What Is The EU F-Gas Regulation And R22 Phase Out?

The government is focused on environmental issues and ozone depleting substances. Fluorinated greenhouse gases – F gases –are a group of chemicals that contain fluorine (HFCs), which if emitted to the atmosphere contribute to global warming.

Under EU Ozone Regulations, from 31 December 2009, the supply and use of virgin R22 is prohibited under UK legislation.


How Does This Affect you?

F-Gas regulations require that owners and operators of all static refrigeration and air conditioning systems take steps to eliminate the emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases.

All air conditioning systems containing more than 3kg of refrigerant must have a minimum of one maintenance inspection and leak test every year and accurate records are kept of all inspections.

From 4 July 2009, the F-Gas regulations require any air conditioning and refrigeration services (installation, repair and leak testing) involving handling of refrigerant gases to be carried out only by contractors approved by Refcom.

DEFRA is responsible for ensuring the regulations are complied with and have the power to prosecute offenders.

RSSAC Limited is registered with Refcom, which has been formally appointed by Defra. All our engineers are fully certificated competent to handle refrigerants.

FGAS 2015



Contact Us now and one of our qualified team will advise you on what action you need to take to comply with the legislation. Why not take advantage of our maintenance and service plan, which can be tailored to your needs?

For further information, the Defra website has a wealth of information that can help inform your decisions taken to comply with the F-Gas regulations.