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We provided Llandinabo Farms with a turnkey service for the installation of the food preparation area on their farm. The area enables them to make pies, sausage rolls and various other products using their own meat for retail outlets throughout Herefordshire and their own shop in Ledbury.

As well as designing and commissioning the refrigeration and cold store facility, we project managed and employed all the contractors to install every part of the area from the lighting to the ovens giving the customer peace of mind and a facility to be proud of.

Due to the original unit being an agricultural building, we had a major problem with the existing electrical supply not being sufficient to cope with the new requirements. We decided to install a refrigeration system which makes the area extremely energy efficient. It uses a heat reclamation system which takes the heat extracted from the refrigeration units and uses it to heat the hot water. There is no other form of electrical heaters to supplement the heating, which makes it not only very energy efficient, but also significantly reduces overheads.

In 2008 we were asked to quote to install a new meat hanging facility, cutting room and poultry preparation area. These would be used to serve Llandinabo’s shop in Ledbury. We were understandably delighted to be awarded the contract because it shows that Llandinabo are pleased with the quality of installation and maintenance we provide.


Llandinabo FarmLlandinabo FarmLlandinabo FarmLlandinabo Farm