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About Us

RSSAC Ltd was founded in 2006 but has roots going back over thirty years.

Refrigeration Sales and Service (RSS) was founded in 1976 as a sales and service company to supply refrigeration equipment and engineer support to the hospitality market in Herefordshire.

Over the years both the sales and service departments of RSS grew into respected companies in their own right.

It wasn’t until 2006 that the “service” department of RSS, became RSSAC Limited. It was founded as a direct result of the growth of the service department and its involvement in air conditioning.

John Davies is the managing director of RSSAC Limited. John joined RSS as a service engineer in 1993 and became a director in 2002.

Under his ownership, RSSAC has established itself as an effective and professional refrigeration and air conditioning company offering high quality installation and maintenance services.